Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Irwansyah and Acha - My Heart

Enjoy this lovely song!!

I'm back....!

Finally..I'm back again with my new blog look!Hmm..kinda satisfied with this butterflies look!..(Ceehh..perasannye ko rozie!..). I've spent about 2 days just to create the butterflies background the way I want it!!heheheh...lama kan? Anyway..i'm not gonna talk much today..as now is only 10.58 am..and there is nothing much yet to do..even though there are lots of pending things to do...hehehe..(ini la namanye org malas nak kerja..). By the way, this month..i mean..starting from last week (21/8)..last night (28/8) and coming sunday (3/9) is actually what we call it a 'Big Siti Nurhaliza's Day'!..Finally she is married with a divorced man called Datuk K which have 4 kids (all boys) age ranges from 8 - 18 years. Ok..Malaysian are seems like kinda accepted the marriage eventhough there were lots of disagreement amongst her fans!...Meanwhile the 'bersanding' ceremony was held at KLCC ..there was also another issues which was brought up by Astro and RTM ...about Mawi and Ina...these 2 little young ppl...which i think.. are actually being manipulated by the media (in this case Astro and TV1) to grab viewers to watch their channel. The initial plan of Astro and TV1 yang kononnya nak baik2 kan these 2 ex-fiancee...x menjadi. Yela..I don't think why we must interfere between these 2 person...yang penting...yang dah lepas...biarlah lepas....it is all fated...there must be a reason why God make such things happened to them...