Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Korangg...tolongg laaaa....tolonggggg laaaahhh....camane nak update ni.....bykk betolll nak citer ni..but x sempat2 nak update....ngan Tag dr cik Marsyita nye lagi x berbuat..oh tidaaakk..tidakk!! By the way..jumaat ni..kereta and brg2 sampaii..yeayy!!

Sorry yea..nanti owg wat Tag awak tu...hehhehe..

Dah tanye ijad dah...dia dah tgk dah pun gmbr2 masa SEMERBAK ari tu....dia kenal lagi sume2...;)

Nanti i insert kan balik link 'comment' kat bwh post i ok..? So senangla u nak ngutuk kan..kan..?

Bila nak ajak aku lunch...?Ko ni...malu2 plak nak belanja aku...meh laa..meh laaa....hehehhehee..

Semoga cepat sembuh k..? Minum air suam byk2...pasal kije tu..awak jgn pkm sgt...yg penting..awak kena relaks...sbb x lama lg awak due...

Silent Reader (eh...ada ke..?),
Wait for my updates yeaaaa...

Monday, November 24, 2008

.:. I'm Back!!

Wallaahh.....I sudah balik KL...wohooo!!Best!!Bestt!!Caiyokk!!Caiyokk..akhirnya dpt gak settled down kat umah sendiri..for those who doesnt know yet..We actually transferred back to KL..ishhk..panjang yea..I'll update later...4 update ni..nak wat tag dr cheq dulu..kang putus kawan kang..nayaaa!!hehehhee..:)

Monday, November 3, 2008

::.If things fated for you..accept it..if not...just let it go

Lately...ramai betol member2 yg ber'YM' or ber'sms' with me..telling abt how excited they are when they've been offered with a new job at the new company..and the new offer of course la much more better compared to whatever that they are earning now..from the bottom of my heart..Alhamdulillah...rezeki masing2... :)
One of my dearest friend, 'R' (u know who you are my dear!!), she is one of my best buddy at office..we are not exactly in the same section (eventhough we are actually under same dept)..but she is very close to me..and we can talk abt anything when we are together..She also one of the lucky person that has got an irresistible offer which way much more better that what she is getting now in terms of the RM, and most importantly...she doesnt have to work on 'standby' mode...
But then..when i was at KL last 2 weeks..she told me that she is confused...coz the current company has counter offer her...while at the same time...the new comp is rushing for her to sign off the offer told her..if that is what she wants...working with no pressure..or..let me put it into more appropriate word...'less pressure'...yea..that's correct!and earning a good u need to wait and think..? I told her..If i were her...I will deifinitely sign the offer letter without even think of the current comp...coz..the current comp has promised her that she'll still be on standy..but it will apparently gone somewhere on April next year..
Then a few days back...i received sms from her...saying that the new comp also required her to work on 'standby' was like..huh?!! Ok..if that's the case..she might as well stay at our current company..coz...there is no different if she go to the new comp or staying will ended up that she will have to work on standby too ..well..I guess this things happened for a ppl always said to me..."If things are fated for you..accept it...if it is not..just let it go.." my dear 'R'....welcome back...u've made a correct decision by staying with us..and the best thing is..WE CAN ALWAYS LUNCH TOGETHER AGAIN..YEAYY!!