Friday, November 17, 2006

What am I dong here..?

It's 7.30pm already...and it is Friday!!Heyy..what am i doing here ahh..??Ishkk..biar dah pukul 7.30 mlm dah ni...andada 8 org je kat my section ni...and...guess boss still here..sitting next beside wat kije pon...sume surfing2 internet..yela..time2 cam ni..mana de org yg betol2 into work mood lagi...and me..dgn selambanye...tlh membuka blog ku ini..utk mengupdate kan apa2 yg patut..;)
It was a very tiring day vendor is here..and I am handling this project for the Flexi-Eload....and supposedly..i have to work during weekend..but..alhamdulillah..after all the testing done seems that I don't have to work during this weekend...
Initially..i booked this Saturday to have an Open House for my close friends...but..when I knew tat I had to work during weekend for my project..then..I have to cancelled it off...kesian to my close friends..beria2 dah nak dtg..but..nak wat camane...dah x ada rezeki..but insyaallah..I do really want to buat mkn2 for them..and insyaAllah..I'll make sure I do it one day...
Hmm...kemas balik x leh apa..sbb I LEFT MY CAR KEY in JIHAN's HANDBAG!!! uwaaa!!!!!...camaneee la pelupanye laahh aku ni...ishhkk..and now...I'm still stuck in the office..waiting for Jihan to come here..just to pass me my car key...kesian Jihan...sorry ye wakkk...lenkali janji x wat lagik..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bilik Hani...

Ari ni..baru balik opis kije..x de mood ada gmbr2 hani dan bilik nye....

So...u guys..enjoy!! And tgk la mcm mana 'anak dara' ku ini berposing depan kamera..hehehhee..bergaya sungguh!! :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Best training...but turnout..suckkss!!

Today is Monday..such as a lazy day..I think not only to me..but..I bet to all human being who have to work in Malaysia. And unfortunately..I've got training till tomorrow!!Gosshh!!..This training is for the presentation actually..the training called "Effective Presentation Skills"..the facilitator is good..but what suckss was ME!!...
After the lunch hour, we were asked to present one presentation on "Why my company should be chosen as the other telco best partner".Hmm..u know me...before the training..I was like...'alamak!!..camane ni??ishkk...'...but...after Intan's presentation..suddenly my name was called.."Rozie..your turn.."..and i was like..alamakk!!!and my heart was like pumping very fast...macam nak pecah dadaku the facilitator told me earlier...smilee...try to calm yourself..and luckily...i was managd to present it smoothly..but is quite 'canned' presentation...uwaa!!!..terukknyee...x pe..x pe..esok ada lagi..and i'll try my best to improve my presentation skill tomorrow!! See ya...

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

10 things I love about you...

:: I love it when you're around.
:: I love it when you love me.
:: I love it when you say you love me.
:: I love it when you hug me each time you say good-bye.
:: I love it, the way u tell the truth.
:: I love it when u make me happy.
:: I love it, the way u read my mind.
:: I love it when u hold me so close.
:: I love it when u hold my hand.
:: I love it when u kiss me!

I love you abang!!...Eventhough i sometimes asked you those stupid question like "do you love me?".."do you still love me.?"..."do you love me like before we married..?"....but i really wanna you to know that I love you very much!!


I was on leave yesterday..and it was Abang's birthday too!..And..I've planned a 'Secret Agenda' with my little one- Hani!!...It started with taking hani to hospital for flu vaccin injection...
So..i've discussed with Abang about how are we going to plan to go to the hospital on that 'surprised' day...I asked Abang to go to his office as usual in the morning...then I'll pick him up on my way home to hospital with Hani..then..after evrything settled at the hospital...i sent Abang back to his office and I told him that i'll send hani to my mum house and I'll go to office after that..which actually I didn't!!hehehehe..
I actually went to Mid Valley to proceed with our 'Secret Agenda'. I brought some present for Abang and hani have chose to give mug with some daddy's aprreciation words on it! So...after we finish with buying the present..than..we proceed to go to Secret Recipe to buy Abang and Hani's favorite cake - Moist Choc Cake. But unluckily...the cake was sold out and I have to go to another Secret Recipe to get one for me!..So..I've decided to go to Connaught Secret Recipe to buy the cake..and again...wen I reached there at about 3.45pm...the worker told me that all the cakse for that day haven't arrive yet...and most will arrive at around 4-4.30pm..
So..i've decided to go to the nearest McD with Hani..sementara nak tunggu pukul 4ptg..after we finish our meal...than I return back to the Secret Racipe and again....the cake haven't arrive yet...goshh!!What should I do now...?My initial plan is to get everything ready before Aban come back home...alamakk...x pe..x decided to go home first and wrap the presents first..
Sampai2 je umah...teurs je wrap kan hadiah2 tu..and guess what??Tgh syok2 wrap kan hadiah tu..I heard one familiar sound at the car porch!!Oh my God...Abang dah balikkk!!!..Ape lagi..myself and hani pun kelam kabut la menyimpan brg2 semua kat dlm stor...and guessed what?? Right after Abang masuk je dalam umah...hani dgn rasa x bersalah nye...dgn cekak pinggangnye..she shouted to Abang "Ayah..!!Surrpplisseeeee!!"..hehehehe...and Abang was like..aaaa???.And now he knows already that actually myself and Hani planned some surpirse for him...Apa yg nak disurprisenye....hadiah pun x abis balut lagik!!!hahahha..lawakk...lawakk!!
So..what I did..i asked Abang to stay and baca newspaper at hall..while myself and Hani continue to wrap up those presents....hehehhe...and after completed wrappin the presents...again..hani bawak semua hadiah tu..and melakonkan lagi sekali.."Surplisseeeee.."..hehehehe..that is exactly how she pronounce it!!Cute kan??....
Hmmm..eventhough it was not really a surprise yg menjadik..but it was fun though...and that night..we went to Secret Recipe..and bought the cake that we wanted earlier..and bought KFC..and we proceed with acara yg paling hani tunggu2...acara meniup lilin..hehehe...
Below are some of the pics taken..

Selamat Hari Raya!

Selamat Hari Raya!! It's been quite a long times since may last blog...well..what can I say...kinda busy here...almaklumlaa..lepas balik dr cuti beraya...time tgh ada masa nak ber'blog'...hmm..rasa cam byk sgt yg nak dicerita..sampai naik malas plak nak menaip..hehehe..bila time busy2 plak..ishk..rasa cam byk lak idea nak tulis kat blog...ishkk..camane tuh..? Akhirnya...daku pasrah utk menaip di blog ku yg hampir layu ini....huhuhuhu..'s 16th Hari Raya dah...pejam celik...kejapp je dah raya ke 16. Life as usual....for me..raya ni..yg syioknye budak2....and my times dah lepass...ingat lagi masa zaman budak2 dulu...lagi 3 minggu nak raya...dah sibuk bukak almari baju tiap2 hari lepas mandi..sbb ape?? dok tgk baju2 raya yg dah digantung dlm lemari...heheheh....dok kire2..bila la blh pakai ni..lambatnye la raya ni...hehehe...kelakar...kelakar...Tp..tu zaman budak2...skrg ni...ada baju kurung sepasang pun dah kire ok dah..yg pentingnye..Hani!! kenit tu..kalau baju dia..mmg kalah baju ibu and ayah dia...hehehe...x pela...dah nama pon budak2 kan...??..Actually I do have some pics taken during the Hari Raya..but..i'll upload it later...for viewing pleasure...'s not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!