Thursday, December 16, 2010

.:. Frusstt sgt....

Sorry la beb kalau blog ni lately asyik cite pasal kije je...that's actually shows how frustrated i am right now...and how i wish that I can go out from this comp a.s.a.p...:(. Smlm..i received an email from my boss..which she cc'ed to my big boss...its actually abt one project which 6 person in my team involved and so happened that projek tu success and ready within the specified other the KPI la..
inilah rupa email nya:


From: XXXX-(XXX- Central)
Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 4:27 PM
To: Pxxxx Sxxxx (xxx - Central)
Subject: FW: XXX XX on Blogs

Hi, All

Refer to the below, we deliver another Fantastic result on XXX XX…

Good work team!! Especially to xxxx xxx, xxxx xxxxx, xxxxxx, xxx xxx, xxxx xxxx and all that involved.


xxx xxxx


Where the hell is my name?????? Pada hal..I wa one of the them yg jadik tech lead utk projek ni..sia2 je dtg kije mlm utk migration kalau effort kite boss sengaja buat x nampakk!!!!! Geraamm!!!

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